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Comprehensive preventative care is essential to maintain dental health. Your first visit will include digital radiographs to diagnose any cavities and to assess the bone supporting your teeth. Afterwards, our hygienist can perform a thorough cleaning and review with you how you may be able to improve your oral health. Not only are your teeth and gums evaluated, but the rest of your mouth is screened for oral cancer. In order to maintain your dental health radiographs are taken at regular intervals to continually assess your teeth and monitor for any changes in your periodontal health. Some patients with periodontal or gum disease may need more frequent visits to keep their periodontal health in an optimal state.

For our pediatric patients we offer fluoride treatment to re-mineralize and strengthen teeth in order to prevent or disrupt the formation of cavities. Once the permanent molars begin to erupt at ages 6 and 12, sealants may be recommended. Sealants are non-invasive and used to protect the biting surfaces of the teeth.

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