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General DentistryAt Great Oak Dental Care, all of your restorative dental needs can be met.

Whether it’s a new cavity, or a replacement of an older filling, we can restore your teeth back to functionality with esthetic, metal free alternatives.

Most believe root canal treatments are uncomfortable. However, most times patients are able to have treatment completed comfortably and are relieved of any pain their tooth may have had in one visit. A root canal may be necessary due to a deep cavity or even trauma. If the nerve or pulp is damaged it will not heal on its own and will need treatment. If enough of the tooth structure is remaining, a root canal can be completed and the tooth properly restored to function and esthetics.

If a tooth is no longer restorable, removing the tooth is indicated. At Great Oak Dental Care our primary goal is your comfort during this procedure. Once the tooth is removed, it is important to take great care at home to ensure adequate healing. Options to replace the missing tooth are always discussed and it is important to restore the mouth to function by replacing missing teeth.

Whether having a tooth extracted, or if you are already missing teeth, contact Great Oak Dental Care to discuss your options on replacing your teeth. Often times your options to restore your missing tooth or teeth include bridges, dentures, or implants.

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